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We know you want to do what you can to make it easier for you and your baby to have a healthy pregnancy.

In Casper, there are FREE programs that will come right to your home. You’ll get instruction and support tailored to you and your family’s needs. Right from the start.

Home Visitors in Casper WY

Natrona County Maternal and Child Health

Natrona County Maternal and Child Health

Contact Info:
475 S. Spruce St. Casper WY 82601
Two home-visiting programs are offered. Nurse Family Partnership is a voluntary program for first-time mothers, while Best Beginnings is available to you even if it’s not your first pregnancy. Both programs offer:

1:1 care from a registered nurse throughout pregnancy and up to 3 years of age

Assessing and answering your questions related to pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding

Providing assessment of needs, education and referrals to resources based on your individual needs
Parents as Teachers Affiliate

Parents as Teachers Affiliate

Contact Info:
345 N. Walsh Dr Casper WY 82605
A free home visitation program with certified Parent Educators providing information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop during the crucial early years of life. Services include:

Home visits: pregnant women or families with a child under 24 months receive 2-4 visits a month. Visits focus on information and activities based on family’s needs and interests, answering questions about parenting, and supporting family as a whole.

Group Connections: provides connections to other PAT families and resources in the community

Free developmentally appropriate reading books left at every visit to build your child’s library
Early Headstart

Early Headstart

Contact Info:
160 N. Washington Casper, Wy 82601
Home visits are based on your individual needs and interests and include:

Home visits monthly, from the beginning of pregnancy and weekly after birth

Evidence-based program teaching you how to give your baby the best start

Twice monthly group meetings with other parents
1 care from a registered nurse throughout pregnancy and up to 3 years of age

Support Healthy Moms Healthy Births

Support the promotion of healthy births and improve family outcomes.
Help us be there for expecting mothers.
Right from the START.