Your Health Matters

Staying healthy is more important than ever now that you’re pregnant. There are many resources, right here in Natrona County to help you stay healthy.

Friends, family, social media, magazines, the news- they’re all telling you things that you should not do as a pregnant woman.  And you may hear different or confusing messages.  We are here to offer you the latest, research-based information on substances that may harm your baby and how you can get help avoiding them.  We know you want to give your baby the best chance to be healthy.  Right from the start.  

The links below take you to up-to-date information on the effects of each topic as well as HELP to stop using or limit any harmful substances:


Smoking and E-cigarettes

Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medicine

Street Drugs




Solvents (paint thinners, lacquers, stains)

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