Your Health Matters

Staying healthy is more important than ever now that you’re pregnant. There are many resources, right here in Natrona County to help you stay healthy.

If you’re lucky enough to have an insurance policy that pays for your healthcare during pregnancy, well…you’re covered!  Many women don’t have access to affordable insurance.  Here are some resources to help you take care of your and your baby’s health.  Right from the start.  

Presumptive Eligibility

If you’re already enrolled in Medicaid, your pregnancy-related expenses should be covered.  If not, Medicaid has a program called Presumptive Eligibility.  It can provide access to temporary Medicaid while your eligibility for full Medicaid benefits is being determined.  Eligible pregnant women are limited to outpatient services through a Medicaid provider for up to 60 days after completing an application for Medicaid.

You can receive help applying for Presumptive Eligibility at these places:

Pregnant Women Program

Wyoming’s Pregnant Women program can provide you with healthcare coverage for up to 60 days after you give birth.  You must meet the following qualifications (the same ones for Presumptive Eligibility) as well as cooperate with Child Support Enforcement once the baby is born:  

  • Pregnant

  • Income eligible at or below 154% of the FPL

  • A U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the U.S

  • A Wyoming resident

Pregnant by Choice

If you’ve been eligible for the program(s) above, you may be eligible for coverage of family planning (birth control) care through this program.  Talk to your healthcare provider or call the Natrona County Department of Health at 307-577-9778.

Other options

Wyoming Community Health Center-Women’s Health has a sliding scale fee.  Call them at 307-233-6000.  Located at 5000 Blackmore Road, Casper

Health Care for the Homeless provides pregnancy care free or on a sliding scale.  Call them at 307-235-6116.  Located at 1514 E 12th St #201, Casper

UW Family Medicine also provides services on a sliding fee scale.  Call them at 307-234-6161.  Located at 1522 East “A” Street, Casper

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