Through our website and social media, we provide expectant moms with current, reliable pregnancy info.


Through our website and social media, we provide expectant moms with current, reliable pregnancy info.

Have you wondered why you would want a nurse home-visitor during pregnancy?  Does it sound weird or uncomfortable to you?  Here's more info on how it works and why it could be the best thing you do for you and your baby!

1.  You'll have someone to hold your hand

Pregnancy can be lonely.  Not everyone has a partner or trusted friend to support them through pregnancy.  Even if you do, they might not always get what your going through. Nurse home-visitors can support you through the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy and make sure you get connected with any other services that could help you through this exciting and scary time.  

2. You won’t have to rely on google for all the questions

Even if it’s not your first pregnancy, there are so many questions that come up during this time like, “What’s safe to eat?” or “Can I still ride horses?”.  Having a nurse home visitor allows you to ask these questions (and the more personal ones) of someone you trust and have developed a relationship with. Of course, your doctor is the final word on all health questions, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that you see more frequently in a relaxed setting to ask the questions that are on your mind right then?   

3.  It’s all about you!

Nurse home-visits are tailored to needs of you and your family.  They will meet with you where you’re most comfortable at a time that works for you.  Although they have specific things they will teach you about to ensure the health of your pregnancy, they will always first focus on what is concerning or important to you.  

4.  You'll get a jump start on parenting

Knowing that you’ll be a parent soon can be daunting.  Nurse home-visitors will help you get ready for parenting by giving you expert advice on things like breastfeeding, diapering, bathing, and child-development.  Being prepared and confident can really reduce your stress during pregnancy. The home-visitors can continue to come after the baby is born as well to support you through your early parenting.  

5.  Research shows, a better chance for a healthy birth

Nurse home-visitors are highly trained in programs that are proven to improve the chance your baby is born healthy- on top of being actual registered nurses! Having this level of expertise all to yourself (and for free!) helps you make the best choices and to get access to any resources necessary to give you the best chance for a healthy baby.  

All home-visiting programs here in town are free!  Check out your options here!

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